About The Cornucopia Business Association

A Business Association is a group of business owners from a specified area that work together to promote local businesses, attract new business and promote local entrepreneurs.

Who We Are:

The Cornucopia Business Association (CBA) is a nonpolitical, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization, comprised of business owners, artists, and non -profits in and around the village of Cornucopia, Wisconsin. The CBA was founded to promote business development that will foster a strong and vibrant community. Our membership consists of a wide variety of businesses and organizations both large and small, including retailers, wholesalers, consultants, contractors, restaurants, as well as a variety of professionals from the legal, accounting, financial services, real estate, publishing, medical, computer services, and our National Park representatives.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve business conditions, promote higher business standards, attract new Businesses and Entrepreneurs to the area and provide a better understanding of issues and problems that affect our entire community, with a focus on the role of local businesses. We strive to promote civic, cultural, economic and social betterment to the residents of, and visitors to, the village of Cornucopia and surrounding area.

What We Do:

We strive to improve business conditions, work with other local Chambers and associations to promote common interests, and encourage businesses to move to the area.  We provide networking among local businesses through monthly meetings, and provide a better understanding of issues and problems affecting the community.  Our goal is to improve our economic vitality while preservig, promoting and maintaining the positive, albeit quirky, character of the community, the quality of life, and surrounding environment for all of the residents of the village of Cornucopia as well as for visitors.

Value of Membership:

CBA members are encouraged to be actively involved in achieving the goals described above through attendance in monthly meetings, participating in discussion of agenda items and issues of concern to the CBA as well as network with other business owners. Members businesses will be listed on the CBA website with a link to their website and have the option to be listed in the Bayfield County Tourism book at a discounted rate.

Cornucopia Business Association Inc
PO Box 244
Cornucopia , Wisconsin. 54827

2022 Board

President: Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Vice President: Justine Broderson
Secretary: Jenna Galegher
Treasurer: Amy Hubbell