CORE Community Resources, Inc. Executive Director

Executive Director Job Description – Half-Time Position

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director
REPORTING TO: Board of Directors
LOCATION: Bayfield, WI
ORGANIZATION: CORE Community Resources, Inc.

CORE Community Resources, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 organization based in Bayfield, Wisconsin. CORE’s mission is to provide programs and services to people over 55 and their families to enable them to thrive and remain engaged in our communities.

The Executive Director is accountable to CORE’s Board of Directors. The position has broad administrative authority over all CORE operations and supervises staff that carry out day-to-day activities. The Executive Director has primary responsibility for: planning; program implementation and management; fundraising; external communications and marketing; financial and organizational management. The Executive Director will supervise a part-time Office Manager, a full-time Program Coordinator and resale store staff.

• Planning:

o Working with Board and staff, prepares work plans based on the strategic direction and organizational visions established by the Board, including annual goals, objectives, and priorities. Presents proposed work plans to the Board for approval.
o Maintains and develops strategic alliances in the Chequamegon Bay region and beyond, consistent with the goals specified in CORE’s mission statement and the goals, objectives and priorities established by the Board.

• Program Implementation and Management:

o Provides leadership in: proposing new programs to the Board; implementing new programs approved by the Board; and managing existing programs. Makes periodic reports to the Board about programs.

• Fundraising:

o Working with the Board, directs the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of the annual and long-range fundraising program. Submits proposed fundraising plans to the Board for review and approval.
o Meets regularly with key donors, foundation officers and staff, and agency representatives to develop and maintain consistent sources of revenue. Leads efforts to cultivate major donors.
o Researches the availability of grants; writes grant proposals; and manages grants received.

• External Communications and Marketing:

o Ensures that good relationships are cultivated and maintained with a broad range of constituencies, such as recipients of CORE’s services, CORE volunteers, donors, government officials and agencies, the press, and other relevant individuals and entities, including participation on appropriate external organizational boards and committees.

o Working with staff will ensure the timely production, distribution, and maintenance of CORE’s publications and publicity materials, including annual and project reports, newsletters, press releases, brochures and fliers, Web sites, and audio-visual or multimedia production.

• Financial and Organizational Management:

o Oversees the recruitment of community volunteers.

o Hires and supervises staff as necessary and within guidelines approved by the Board to achieve the goals, objectives, and priorities established by the Board. Ensures that goals and performance criteria are set for each staff member and that a performance evaluation of each staff member is completed at least annually.

o Works with the Finance Committee and program staff to propose an annual operating budget and oversees implementation of the budget.

o Ensures that records are established and maintained in accordance with the records policy adopted by the Board.

o Working with staff, is responsible for the day-to-day management of CORE’s office and operations.

o Works with CORE staff to provides staff support to the Board and to committees established by the Board.


• Minimum of five years experience with nonprofit organizations, including a documented track record of successful fundraising. (Experience working with seniors preferred.)

• Experience in managing and overseeing business operations such as fiscal, technology and communications functions.

• Experience in managing and directing diverse groups of employees and volunteers.

• Demonstrated ability to establish, develop, and cultivate relationships with agencies, businesses, foundations, private groups, and individuals who are or may become major donors.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate clearly with the Board, Board committees, other staff, volunteers, and the public.


• Bachelor’s degree or higher.


• Competitive salary offered for half-time position with flexible hours. The position also offers Holiday pay, along with vacation and personal time/sick leave according to CORE Employment policies.


Please send a letter of interest, resume and contact information for three professional references to: